Sunday, June 19, 2011

What are t5 adaptors

T5 adapters are simple plastic adaptors which plug into T8 fluorescent lights, commonly found in offices and work places.

These adaptors allow you to plug in the smaller more energy efficient T5 lights, which reduce energy consumption by around 30-40%

The way it saves this energy, is by replacing an magnetic ballast with an electronic one which uses less energy, along with the light globe itself using less energy.

This can reduce a businesses lighting costs by 30-40% and provide a very cost effective way of cutting down on running costs.

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Why use T5 adaptors

Why us T5 Adaptors? Currently there are many products on the market for energy efficienct lights. LED technology being a for runner, its lamp life is over 13 years and can cut the running costs down by a massive 2 thirds.

The downside of this technology is the cost and low penetration into the market. LED lighting technology is still in its infancy, having not been taking up by commercial businesses or the residential market in any great numbers. so the price of this technology is still very high.

What T5 adaptors can do is provide an energy saving of 30-40% at a very low cost, in the easiest way possible.

To put LED lights into current light fittings would need a replacment of the whole light fitting which can be very expensive. For 20-50$ per light fitting you can get this cost saving, without replacing the fittings or even turning off the power in your premises.

Technical specifications of T5 adaptors

Technical specifications of T5 adapters:

1000 micro fluxen super mega ones

Different types of T5 Adapters

There are currently 2 different T5 adaptors on the market right now. One is using reflector technology, which reflects the light on a shiny surface within the adapter to produce more light with less energy.

The second, uses some funky gas that i dont know what it is to produce more electricity.

More information about energy efficient T5 adapters

Here is lots of different information i have collection on energy efficient T5 adaptors:

Comparision of T5 adaptors - A good PDF file with alot of info on the different types of T5 adaptors and regulations within Australia

Where to get T5 adaptors from

There are many places to purchase T5 adaptors from, below i will list some different resources for buying them.

Most T5 adaptors are rated to last for 10 years, and can cost anywhere from $10-$30. Most are manufactured in China, and can be found in many retail shops and electrical retailers.

T5 adaptors - The green guys, can install hardware and provide government funding in NSW, Australia - for small and medium businesses to upgrade lights to energy efficiency T5 adaptors and lights.
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