Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why use T5 adaptors

Why us T5 Adaptors? Currently there are many products on the market for energy efficienct lights. LED technology being a for runner, its lamp life is over 13 years and can cut the running costs down by a massive 2 thirds.

The downside of this technology is the cost and low penetration into the market. LED lighting technology is still in its infancy, having not been taking up by commercial businesses or the residential market in any great numbers. so the price of this technology is still very high.

What T5 adaptors can do is provide an energy saving of 30-40% at a very low cost, in the easiest way possible.

To put LED lights into current light fittings would need a replacment of the whole light fitting which can be very expensive. For 20-50$ per light fitting you can get this cost saving, without replacing the fittings or even turning off the power in your premises.

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